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Find one piece chapter 853 in english translation, one piece chapter 853 online free. Luffy and nami are free! Jinbe's sacrifice? Reiju vinsmoke revelations: sanji's mom sola, death of germa 66, rip vinsmoke family, baratie's fate. Reiju and sanji's whole cake wedding plans. As for jinbe, big mom taking life doesn't change you physically, it just shortens your life span. We might get more info about it next chapter or if he get's into a fight he might look more winded. The reason that reiju told sanji not to worry about zeff was because he was used as leverage to get sanji on whole cake island, whose wedding in turn trapped the vinsmokes in big mom's territory. Now that the deed is done big mom basically doesn't care too much about sanji escaping so much as she does massacring the vinsmoke family. I think the wedding is gonna be ruined when big mom opens that treasure box and it explodes. This I gonna cause big mom to go insane and attack everyone indiscriminately. This is probably why smoothie doesn't wanna tell her about the rebellion. I think whatever happened to jinbe is way too big to reveal this early. I bet it's going to be one of those moments were all the color fades out of luffy's face. Well, it's a black and white manga, but yeah. Because jinbe was way too cryptic and abrupt when nami was questioning him about what happened and he typically tends to be polite, so that was unusual. Smoothie and big mom are now out of the battle mix, because they're both sealed on the 4th floor, thus leaving only one sweet commander unaccounted for. Everyone else is free, so the only unaccounted for person is caesar. I don't think that he's gonna simply be abandoned to die on whole cake. He has to accidentally get rescued, which may see sanji vs minister of candy, who is currently supervising caesar. One piece chapter 853 = luffy vs big mom incoming? Share your theories in the comments below!

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One Piece 853 - Read One Piece 853 Page 1. Begin reading One Piece 853 free with no registration required. It feels like reiju may trick pudding or force her to get rid of any good memories Sanji has of Reiju, so that he'll leave and not get stuck trying to help her escape from whole cake as well. Because otherwise I don't see Sanji abandoning Reiju, it's not in his character. Now if judge and the brothers all die the argument could be made that since she has nowhere else to go she could join the crew OR if they all die and enough of the army survives Reiju could take over the army as the next heir to the throne of the Germa kingdom and could join the alliance or fleet. However knowing Oda and knowing that every word has meaning I feel this overlooked line from reiju points to the first theory of him getting his memories of reiju wiped by pudding. What do you think will happen in one piece 853? Read One Piece manga online, One Piece ready to be read in english online.

Luffy is choking a guy to find out where sanji is, I really hope the "Where is sanji" comes with a scary and pissed-off voice. Luffy is done with the lies and bullcrap, everything needs to be destroyed. Big mom after today will have lost her decades of collecting life mysterious people/beasts. Will lose her hands on the germa 66 knowledge. Loses the giant making drug and her last relief the treasure box will blow-up in her face. 

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If she is not going to go on a rampage after seeing her life long work destroyed I dont know anymore. Jinbe, carrot and ceasar for next strawhat? Maybe even reiju? However big mom can't take any lifespan from brook. Brook already used up all his lifespan, he has 0. Now he was an undead-span. Brook is immune to big mom's devil fruit. Now he only has to worry about her physical prowess (some of which we saw when she becomes hungry) and her haki. Reiju is the eldest sibling born as a unmodified human daughter of judge and sola. Then in sola's second pregnancy, either natural inseminated or artifically implanted, she was having quadruplets. All ichiji, niji, sanji, and yonji were all in the same litter, and are all the same age. They were named in the order of their birth. Judge had modified the dna (lineage factors) of the quadruplets to make them superhuman and lose their emotion, he wanted super children. Sola took a drug that was meant to counter the modifications, however the drug only affected one of the four babies in her womb. Maybe she didn't get to take all of it (she was caught after all), maybe one baby was more of a glutton and took more nutrients (and drugs) from sola's bloodstream, etc. Anything could have happened. The side effect of the drug on sola was her health's deterioration (which judge apparently blamed on sanji), the drug may also have had side effects on sanji other than just undoing judge's modifications, especially since sanji was most affected by it, who knows maybe it even had an effect on sanji's brothers, just not enough of an effect to preserve/restore their "Humanity." later on sanji's brothers and reiju underwent further modifications, with some being cybernetic, and possibly some involving devil fruits or more genetic engineering. These modifications strip them of their "Free will" (if free will even exists, or if it exists in this context - there may different levels of will some of which are free or not) to some extent, as they are no longer able to disobey judge, they are his slaves. Reiju secretly sided with their mother and sanji, but didn't show this to her brothers and father out of a sense of self-preservation. Jimbe is a toss-up right now, we know he is in rebellion against big mom, we know that big mom's underlings were surprised (maybe big mom didn't tell them in order to preserve her reputation, and printed a phony story), maybe the newspaper was accurate, maybe jinbe fears for fishman island and is still allied with big mom, etc... Pudding vs reiju rematch, we know pudding's devil fruit, lets she what else pudding can do, she won their first fight (surprise attack), lets see what reiju can do. Maybe reiju will become the new monarch of the germa and they will serve in the straw hat grand fleet (not-likely, I know).

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