Pack is a Spirit that Emilia is contracted with. Pack can be described cute or adorable, thus his skin being pink around his cheeks. His fur is mostly grey with silver in certain spots (i.e. tip of the tail). His eyebrows are pretty small and rhombus-shaped. He also has a gold earring on his left ear.

Sometimes, he has purple bag round him. Pack is a nice spirit. He is very happy and stays at Emilia's side to protect her. He affectionately calls her "Lia". He goofs around here and then. He gets along pretty well with Beatrice. As a spirit, Pack possess several abilities like being invisible when not summoned. He protects and helps Emilia. He disappears after he is exhausted from using his abilities for a long time. He can change his size at will, normally staying in a kitten size and shifting into average human height when fighting.

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