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OnePiece 861
Boruto 11  (HOT)
Boku no Hero Academia 132

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Fairy Tail 529
Nanatsu no Taizai 212  (HOT)
Get the latest one piece 861 manga & anime news! You’ll never miss a beat when you subscribe to us. I think those so called Emperors of the Underworld are unaware of whats about to happen. I feel that Big Mom wants to demonstrate her power by killing a prominent member of the underworld right before their very eyes! It would be interesting which side they will take when the battle begins. It's about time we see someone who specialises in Observation haki, since Enel. In my opinion it's probably the best one out there since it has a more wider range of uses than the other two. Kudos to Oda for giving it to the most badass looking member of the family. Everyone else looks like they are out of a fairy tale book, and then there is this guy. As they say, there is always one who is different in the family. I am starting to think Pekoms might be the one to spoil the plan. Sure he got the Straw hats to whole cake island but his loyalty to big mom seems unwavering. He knows about Bege's plan but he doesn't know the Straw hats and big bro Pedro have allied with him. The fishman pirates are leaving him alone and that bit about being found by someone sooner rather than later very suspicious. Talk about the presentation of new faces. I wonder what got the Newspaper President in on Big Mom's good side and if Stussy really has a background in one of the more "debased" occupations a person can undertake. ?

Roswaal L Mathers

Roswaal L Mathers is the lord of the Roswaal Mansion and the descendant of the original Roswaal. It is later revealed that he is in fact the original Roswaal, who has been possessing his descendant's bodies. Roswaal has long indigo hair with heterochromic eyes, the right one being blue and the left one being yellow. His eyelids are decorated by purple eye shadow, though the left eye's is longer.

He wears a lavender coloured make-up which accompanies his unusual outfit comparable to those similar to a clown or jester, consisting of a black hat, a top and bottom with different shades of purple, along with red and black boots and a cape.According to Echidna, the original Roswaal had long, dark gray hair and yellow eyes. Roswaal cares about Ram and Rem, becoming concerned when Rem died of an unknown cause. Because of his relations with Demi Humans, he has been rumored to have a thing for them.

However Garfiel speculates this is actually because he's been gathering halfs to the Sanctuary. In actuality, his body is possessed by his ancestor, whose purpose is to meet his teacher Echidna again at any cost, even if that meant sacrificing himself or those close to him, making Echidna describe him as being "a little too earnest". He has figured out that Subaru is looping through some method, causing him to challenge him, and subsequently lost. Though he has agreed to help him after losing, he has threatened to force him to loop if he makes a mistake. Mage: Roswaal is a mage capable of using magic of all six elements. Despite being the original Roswaal, he is mentioned to be much stronger than before Divine Protection (加護 Kago): Roswaal has the Divine Protection of Sorcery, which makes him compatible with all six magic elements, enabling him to use the magic perfectly. Using this Divine Protection, Roswaal is considered to be the best in the kingdom in terms of mana usage, power, and speed, and is recognized to be as strong as one army. Melee Fighter: Roswaal is able to fight physically, using moves such as throwing techniques against opponents.

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