Zeus is a thundercloud homie that Big Mom summons from her left hand. Zeus is a large cloud who normally appears light-colored, although when it causes a storm it turns dark. It wears a striped baseball cap on his head. Zeus is very loyal to Big Mom and will come to her when she summons it.

Zeus seems to care about the safety of the citizens in Totto Land and hates to see them be tormented during Big Mom's rampages, but unlike its fellow homies Zeus knows it is futile to try and reason with Big Mom when she is on one of her rampages. Zeus is able to create large rainstorms with lightning. It is also capable of pouring down sweetened rain. When Urouge invaded Whole Cake Island and defeated Snack, Big Mom had Zeus and Prometheus create a large thunderstorm as Cracker sailed in to defeat Urouge. Zeus danced with Big Mom alongside the other homies as she asked for a status report on the preparations for Vinsmoke Sanji and Charlotte Purin's wedding. During Big Mom's rampage on Whole Cake Island, Zeus told Prometheus that it is useless trying to talk to her during her tantrums, as she will not hear them. When Monkey D. Luffy invaded Whole Cake Island and defeated Cracker, Zeus and Prometheus created a large storm of sweet rain as Big Mom's army attacked Luffy.

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