Vinsmoke Jajji

Vinsmoke Jajji is the king of the Germa Kingdom, the commander of Germa 66, and the patriarch of the Vinsmoke Family. Jajji is a large man with very long light hair reaching to his waist. He has a long and thin mustache which spikes upward, a thin and small beard, and has a prominent cleft chin. He wears a dark robe with the number 66 on the bottom front, a large light cape, a belt with the number 66 on the buckle, dark gloves, and a warrior's helmet. Like his daughter, Jajji has great respect for strength, and the privileges that come with its exercise. He is proud of his son Yonji's strength, and believes that men can only speak clearly to each other properly with violence.

As king of the Germa Kingdom, Jajji has authority over his subjects. He also possesses a great deal of power either within or over the World Government; he is an attendee at Reverie, and can both influence the Marines' bounty process and issue certain orders to them. He also has authority over Germa 66 as its supreme commander, giving him command of a very powerful military force. Jajji also has access to the advanced technology developed by the Vinsmoke Family. When his son Sanji left their family as a child, Jajji has pursued him constantly, even going as far as to use the World Government and the Marines to find him. While the full relationship between Jajji and Sanji is unknown, Sanji despises his father, calling him a "bastard" and refusing to acknowledge him his parent. Sometime in the past, Jajji took part in an event known as the Four Nation Coup. While his full actions are unknown, he was photographed standing over four defeated kings. When Sanji left the Vinsmoke Family at a young age, Jajji ceaselessly pursued him. After Sanji gained his first bounty, Jajji sent Marines and bounty hunters after his son. However, due to the poor depiction of Sanji in his wanted poster, the hunters ended up going after Duval instead. When Sanji's wanted poster was updated to show his true face, Jajji increased his bounty by Beli100,000,000 and changed the condition of the bounty for Sanji from "Dead or Alive" to "Alive Only".

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