Germa Kingdom

The Germa Kingdom is the world's only ocean-going kingdom. It is ruled by the Vinsmoke Family, a royal family hailing from North Blue, and is serviced militarily by the Underworld army, Germa 66. The Germa Kingdom is a floating kingdom which rules over no land. Rather, its "territory" is comprised of pieces of land suspended on top of its unique ships, which are interlocked as they come together.

As a consequence, the size and the bounds of its "territory" are constantly fluctuating, depending on how many of its ships are assembled at one time. The majority of the citizens in the Germa Kingdom are male soldiers who comprise the Kingdom's military arm, Germa 66. However, the ruling family is shown to have several maids who work directly in their employ. Sometime in the past, the Vinsmoke Family led the Kingdom to conquer all landed territory in the North Blue, and served as the ocean's dynastic rulers. The King of the Germa Kingdom seeks to reestablish the Vinsmoke's reign over the entire North Blue; in aid of this ambition, the Kingdom was involved in an infamous incident known as the "Four Nation Coup", in which the kings of four North Blue nations were killed by the Vinsmokes. Sometime between the Straw Hat Pirates' departure from Dressrosa and the Big Mom Pirates' arrival on Zou, the Vinsmoke and Charlotte families entered into a political alliance. As part of this agreement, a wedding was arranged between the Vinsmoke Family's third son and the Charlotte Family's 35th daughter, to tie the two families' bloodlines. In anticipation of the wedding, the Germa Kingdom is gradually converging in a lake on Whole Cake Island.

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