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OnePiece 861
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Get the latest one piece 861 manga & anime news! You’ll never miss a beat when you subscribe to us. I think those so called Emperors of the Underworld are unaware of whats about to happen. I feel that Big Mom wants to demonstrate her power by killing a prominent member of the underworld right before their very eyes! It would be interesting which side they will take when the battle begins. It's about time we see someone who specialises in Observation haki, since Enel. In my opinion it's probably the best one out there since it has a more wider range of uses than the other two. Kudos to Oda for giving it to the most badass looking member of the family. Everyone else looks like they are out of a fairy tale book, and then there is this guy. As they say, there is always one who is different in the family. I am starting to think Pekoms might be the one to spoil the plan. Sure he got the Straw hats to whole cake island but his loyalty to big mom seems unwavering. He knows about Bege's plan but he doesn't know the Straw hats and big bro Pedro have allied with him. The fishman pirates are leaving him alone and that bit about being found by someone sooner rather than later very suspicious. Talk about the presentation of new faces. I wonder what got the Newspaper President in on Big Mom's good side and if Stussy really has a background in one of the more "debased" occupations a person can undertake. ?

Drow Ranger

Traxex the Drow Ranger is a ranged agility hero whose greatest assets are her incredible damage and ability to keep threats at bay. Traxex is a carry who, though lacking survivability, provides a worthwhile contribution through her damage alone. The Drow Ranger can be extremely powerful at any point in the game. As an agility hero, Traxex's damage is based largely off her basic attacks and is among the greatest largely due to the massive amounts of agility she gains from her passive ultimate, Marksmanship. The Drow Ranger also adds ranged damage to teammates with her global Precision Aura.

Despite her lack of escape spells, Drow Ranger can keep herself relatively safe from enemy spellcasters and melee heroes using her Gust and her Frost Arrows, respectively. Frost Arrows infuses her attacks with ice, greatly slowing down her enemies. Since it can be manually cast, Frost Arrows can be used to harass her foes in the early game without drawing the creeps' attention. Gust is a great counter to enemy spellcasters as well as melee heroes as Gust pushes heroes away from Drow and prevents them from casting spells, who might threaten her life in battles. Position is of utmost importance as Traxex is quite vulnerable in close combat and the agility bonus from Marksmanship is removed when enemies come near her. This means she struggles against melee heroes with high mobility. Drow Ranger's given name is Traxex a name well suited to the short, trollish, rather repulsive Drow people. But Traxex herself is not a Drow. Her parents were travelers in a caravan set upon by bandits, whose noisy slaughter of innocents roused the ire of the quiet Drow people. After the battle settled, the Drow discovered a small girl-child hiding in the ruined wagons, and agreed she could not be abandoned. Even as child, Traxex showed herself naturally adept at the arts they prized: Stealth, silence, subtlety. In spirit, if not in physique, she might have been a Drow changeling, returned to her proper home. But as she grew, she towered above her family and came to think of herself as ugly. After all, her features were smooth and symmetrical, entirely devoid of warts and coarse whiskers. Estranged from her adopted tribe, she withdrew to live alone in the woods. Lost travelers who find their way from the forest sometimes speak of an impossibly beautiful Ranger who peered at them from deep among the trees, then vanished like a dream before they could approach. Lithe and stealthy, icy hot, she moves like mist in silence. That whispering you hear is her frozen arrows finding an enemy's heart.

A Healing Salve will give Traxex a massive boost of health regeneration in one go. Tangos will help provide Traxex with health regeneration in early game. Slippers of Agility will provide a boost to Traxex's primary attribute: agility; allowing for easier last hitting and more damage when attacking enemy heroes. Iron Branches will provide a boost to all of Traxex's attributes, which can be helpful in the lane. Boots of Speed give Traxex a speed boost which can be helpful for getting around. A Magic Stick can be a good idea to pick up if the enemy are using a lot of spells, meaning Traxex can use the stick charges in emergency. A Magic Wand can be a good idea to upgrade to from the Magic Stick to take further advantage of enemy spell casting, in case of emergency. Power Treads provide Traxex with attack speed and additional attributes. Shadow Blade provides an escape for Traxex, who does not have a built in escape. It also provides some useful attack speed and damage. Ring of Aquila provides Traxex with bonus attributes which can be helpful in the early game.  Manta Style provides Traxex with mobility, stats, the ability to dispel herself and the ability to create illusions of herself. Because her illusions benefit from Marksmanship, Manta provides Traxex with a large damage increase and the ability to avoid certain debuffs. Butterfly provides ever-useful agility for Traxex. It also provides additional attack speed and also has evasion, which can be very useful against enemies. Daedalus provides Traxex with a critical strike chance, which synergizes well with the attack speed and damage she gets from her abilities, maximizing her DPS. Black King Bar provides Traxex with magic immunity for a short period of time, which can be useful for teamfights. Satanic provides Traxex with a huge amount of lifesteal for a short period of time, allowing Traxex to regain practically all of her health with a few arrow shots. NB: The lifesteal effect is a Unique Attack Modifier and only works when Traxex does not cast Frost Arrows. Traxex's original design was slightly different from the one now; aside from the same hood, her white hair was not present, and her eyes were completely white. Her outfit was also slightly more revealing. Traxex was briefly featured in the Dota 2 comic Are We Heroes Yet?. From her transition to Dota2, the name of her aura changed from "Trueshot Aura" to "Precision Aura".

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