Mother Carmel is a mysterious person associated with Charlotte Linlin. Details about her are unknown; Capone Bege and Charlotte Chiffon guessed that she might be a benefactor of Big Mom that went missing. During every tea party, Big Mom places a picture of Carmel across from her at the table. If Carmel's picture is damaged, Big Mom will enter a psychological crisis, which will render her able to be physically injured. In her portrait, Carmel is shown as an older woman with a large face and a square-shaped jawline. She has wavy light hair and wears lipstick. She wears dark robes similarly to nuns like Miss Catherina. She was seen holding a cigarette in her hand.


Carmel's name may be a reference to the Carmelites, a religious order known for selling sweets in Japan, which corresponds with Carmel's nun-like outfit and title of "Mother". The sweets connection also matches the Big Mom Pirates and Charlotte Family food theme.

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