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OnePiece 857
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Find one piece chapter 857 in english translation, one piece chapter 857 online free. Is there a secret conspiracy to overthrow big mom?! Who is in on it? What did you think about sanji's decision to save his brothers? Judge has no reason to believe that big mom would betray them. Marrying off her kids to form alliances is big mom's M.O., and both the sun pirates and the firetank pirates seem to be fine. The vinsmoke's lack of caution. Either they know that they are being watched in the room and are playing it off as if they don't expect anything to go wrong but in actuality are suspicious of big mom but can't show it, or they truly don't suspect a thing and believe the weeding will kick of with big mom keeping her end of the bargain despite being a pirate. If it's the latter, than the villains in this arc are stupid. I'm honestly still unclear as to why big mom wants to betray the vinsmokes when she hasn't done it to any of the other allies we've seen. In almost every arc, luffy has saved a lot kingdoms at this point. If luffy crew saved the vinsmokes, the world government and reverie would be shock at the meeting. Because remember at the moment right now. Germa 66 are still part of the reverie. So I'm not surprised that reverie arc is set up after whole cake. Another amazing and emotional chapter.The moment I saw luffy just sitting while looking like an old dead body got me in tears during all the chapter. Now let's get everyone together and go wedding crashes.

Tama Tama no Mi

The Tama Tama no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that turns the user's body composition into that of an egg and allows the user to evolve into a chicken and become stronger when their body is cracked open. It was eaten by Tamago. The greatest strength the fruit gives is the ability to regenerate from severe injuries that would normally kill a person by evolving from an egg to a chicken. The new forms the user gains also drastically increase their fighting ability, to the point where the second and final transformation makes the user a "true knight". However, the user is left defenseless while regenerating. Also, it seems that their body is still composed of an egg even after evolving, as seen with Tamago's Viscount Hiyoko form. It seems that when the user evolves, they lose access to the ability to make human speech and can only make chicken noises. Otherwise, the user is affected by the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses. With this fruit, Tamago's body takes on the shape and composition of an egg, giving him the name Baron Tamago . When his body is cracked open, a dark yolk emerges, and after a short amount of time, he evolves into his next stage from the yolk. He first transforms into Viscount Hiyoko, and then Count Niwatori after Viscount Hiyoko is defeated.

Viscount Hiyoko is Tamago's second form. Tamago gains a beak and a pair of small wings, as well as two knives. Tamago is stated to be strengthened in this form, but any further abilities of this form have not been seen, as it was quickly destroyed by Pedro in its only seen use. In this form, he often adds "Piyo" to the end of his sentences. "Hiyoko" means "chick" in Japanese.

Count Niwatori is Tamago's final form. This form looks like an oversized rooster with complete wings, wattle, and comb, while retaining his mustache like in his previous form. It is stated to be a "true knight", but its abilities have not been shown. In this form, he often adds "cluck" to his speech. "Niwatori" means "chicken" in Japanese.


Despite being a Paramecia-type, the Devil Fruit is similar to that of a Zoan as it can allow the user to take the form of an animal and a Logia as it also makes the user seemingly indestructible.

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