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OnePiece 857
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Find one piece chapter 857 in english translation, one piece chapter 857 online free. Is there a secret conspiracy to overthrow big mom?! Who is in on it? What did you think about sanji's decision to save his brothers? Judge has no reason to believe that big mom would betray them. Marrying off her kids to form alliances is big mom's M.O., and both the sun pirates and the firetank pirates seem to be fine. The vinsmoke's lack of caution. Either they know that they are being watched in the room and are playing it off as if they don't expect anything to go wrong but in actuality are suspicious of big mom but can't show it, or they truly don't suspect a thing and believe the weeding will kick of with big mom keeping her end of the bargain despite being a pirate. If it's the latter, than the villains in this arc are stupid. I'm honestly still unclear as to why big mom wants to betray the vinsmokes when she hasn't done it to any of the other allies we've seen. In almost every arc, luffy has saved a lot kingdoms at this point. If luffy crew saved the vinsmokes, the world government and reverie would be shock at the meeting. Because remember at the moment right now. Germa 66 are still part of the reverie. So I'm not surprised that reverie arc is set up after whole cake. Another amazing and emotional chapter.The moment I saw luffy just sitting while looking like an old dead body got me in tears during all the chapter. Now let's get everyone together and go wedding crashes.


Pluton is one of the three Ancient Weapons, alongside Poseidon and Uranus. Pluton is a huge warship capable of mass destruction, constructed long ago in the city of Water 7 in the Grand Line. It is said to be capable of destroying whole islands. Pluton was first mentioned by Crocodile when he questioned Nefeltari Cobra of its whereabouts. It is supposed to be a large warship of some kind. Not much else is known about it.

Its power was as dangerous as other weapons like Poseidon, who herself had the power to sink all the world's islands into the ocean, although exact details of its capabilities remain unknown. Whoever controlled the weapon had the potential to conquer the world in the process and in the wrong hands would be dangerous. Likewise, Pluton also had the ability to do as much damage to the world. Furthermore, because the blueprints remained in existence even after the ship was built, whoever possessed the blueprints to the vessel would have the potential to build a fleet of vessels with the same destructive abilities as each other. The blueprints had been preserved as a means of bringing Pluton back into existence should the world ever need her to fight the weapons, including the original Pluton itself. At this point, however, the blueprints which were used to create it are now destroyed while Pluton itself is still asleep. Pluton was designed and constructed on Water 7 during the Void Century, and became inactive after the war. As a reaction to the threat Pluton carried, the World Government used the existence of Pluton, Poseidon, and Uranus as the primary reason for banning Poneglyph research. What happened to it after the war has not yet been revealed, but it is supposedly hidden somewhere in Alabasta, and the Poneglyph telling its location is hidden in the kingdom's royal tomb.

Unlike Poseidon, whose ability was passed down the Ryugu Kingdom royal family bloodline, Pluton was said to be an object, meaning the only way a second instance could be created was by reconstruction. The weapon's blueprints were secretly kept in Water 7. They had been passed down in a line of incredible shipwrights for centuries before eventually falling into the hands of the legendary shipwright Tom. The duty of the shipwrights was to guard the blueprints and prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. Also, they were supposed to use them to construct a second Pluton should the first weapon ever be revived. Eight years before the current storyline, Spandam, the chief of CP5, appealed to the Gorosei to gain control of the Ancient Weapon in order to bring the Great Pirate Era to an end. His research led him to Tom, from whom he demanded the blueprints. Tom feigned ignorance, but when Spandam left, he entrusted the blueprints to his apprentices, Iceburg and Cutty Flam, to ensure that they would not fall into the Government's hands. Days later, when Spandam framed Tom and arrested him, and Cutty Flam suffered a seemingly fatal accident after pistol whipping Spandam, Iceberg alone kept the blueprints. Three years later, during which Spandam had become chief of CP9, he sent four agents undercover into the city to locate and obtain the blueprints. Four years after his assumed death, Cutty Flam returned to Water 7, and secretly met with Iceburg, who gave the blueprints to him for safekeeping. Iceburg requested that he no longer use his real name but only go by the nickname that he had given him, Franky, and leave the island to ensure that the Government would never find the blueprints. Out of necessity to avoid being arrested, he followed the first part of the advice, but refused to leave the island, much to Iceburg's ire.

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