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OnePiece 857
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Find one piece chapter 857 in english translation, one piece chapter 857 online free. Is there a secret conspiracy to overthrow big mom?! Who is in on it? What did you think about sanji's decision to save his brothers? Judge has no reason to believe that big mom would betray them. Marrying off her kids to form alliances is big mom's M.O., and both the sun pirates and the firetank pirates seem to be fine. The vinsmoke's lack of caution. Either they know that they are being watched in the room and are playing it off as if they don't expect anything to go wrong but in actuality are suspicious of big mom but can't show it, or they truly don't suspect a thing and believe the weeding will kick of with big mom keeping her end of the bargain despite being a pirate. If it's the latter, than the villains in this arc are stupid. I'm honestly still unclear as to why big mom wants to betray the vinsmokes when she hasn't done it to any of the other allies we've seen. In almost every arc, luffy has saved a lot kingdoms at this point. If luffy crew saved the vinsmokes, the world government and reverie would be shock at the meeting. Because remember at the moment right now. Germa 66 are still part of the reverie. So I'm not surprised that reverie arc is set up after whole cake. Another amazing and emotional chapter.The moment I saw luffy just sitting while looking like an old dead body got me in tears during all the chapter. Now let's get everyone together and go wedding crashes.

Charlotte Galette

Charlotte Galette is the eighteenth daughter of the Charlotte Family and serves as Totto Land's Minister of Butter She is also a member of the Big Mom Pirates. Galette is a woman of average size, with shoulder-length hair that curls at the ends. She wears a short light dress, a dark feather coat, and two horns on the top of her head.

Galette cares about her family, as she begged her mother not to kill her brother Moscato, and she was shocked when she saw the defeated body of her brother Cracker. As Minister of Butter, Galette governs over one of the 35 islands in Totto Land. When Big Mom developed a craving for croquembouche and went on a rampage through Sweet City, Galette's brother Moscato tried to calm her, but she was hostile towards him. Galette, Opera, and Mont-d'Or pleaded for her not to attack Moscato, but she pulled away Moscato's lifespan and killed him, shocking the three siblings and the other citizens of Sweet City. Big Mom was later satiated by Jinbe. Later, Galette ordered some soldiers to hurry and remove Moscato's body. Two days later, Galette, Opera, and Mont-d'Or witnessed a defeated Cracker flying into Sweet City. They were appalled to see one of the Sweet Commanders defeated, and Galette noted that Cracker was last seen heading for the Seducing Woods to handle Monkey D. Luffy, which meant that Luffy was responsible for Cracker's defeat. After Sweet City was put in high alert, Galette and an army marched towards Luffy's location and began battling him. Her name is possibly based off a galette, a round and flat French cake, which follows the eating/food-themed names of the Charlotte Family and Big Mom Pirates. She is the only known female minister in Totto Land.

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