Charlotte Brûlée

Charlotte Brûlée is the 8th daughter of the Charlotte Family. Brûlée is a very tall woman with a long face, a prominent red nose, and a scar stretching diagonally across her face. She has light hair that is divided into four sections that stick in various directions. She wears a frilly light dress and a dark feathered coat.

Due to the terrible scar on her face, she is envious of those with alluring faces to the point that she wants to slice them up. Brûlée is rather strong, as she was able to lift Nami by the neck with one hand. She also uses her long and sharp fingernails to slice people. Brûlée seemingly has a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit power that allows her to become the mirror image of any person. As a mirror image, she will do and say exactly whatever her target does and says, and can even use their abilities. She can also force the target to reflect her actions to a degree. She is also capable of mirroring entire landscapes, causing people to go into areas they had just left. When Luffy, Nami, Chopper, and Carrot ventured into the Seducing Woods in search of Sanji, Brulee appeared as Luffy and engaged in battle with the real Luffy. When Nami, Chopper, and Carrot turned around and tried to escape, Brûlée went with them under the guise of the real Luffy while Luffy ran in the opposite direction. Brûlée then revealed herself as the Sanji retrieval team got lost in the mirrored woods as she grabbed Nami and prepared to slice her and Carrot's faces. Her name is based on "Crème brûlée", a dessert made of custard topped with hard caramel, which follows the food themed names of the Charlotte Family and Big Mom Pirates.

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