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OnePiece 861
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Get the latest one piece 861 manga & anime news! You’ll never miss a beat when you subscribe to us. I think those so called Emperors of the Underworld are unaware of whats about to happen. I feel that Big Mom wants to demonstrate her power by killing a prominent member of the underworld right before their very eyes! It would be interesting which side they will take when the battle begins. It's about time we see someone who specialises in Observation haki, since Enel. In my opinion it's probably the best one out there since it has a more wider range of uses than the other two. Kudos to Oda for giving it to the most badass looking member of the family. Everyone else looks like they are out of a fairy tale book, and then there is this guy. As they say, there is always one who is different in the family. I am starting to think Pekoms might be the one to spoil the plan. Sure he got the Straw hats to whole cake island but his loyalty to big mom seems unwavering. He knows about Bege's plan but he doesn't know the Straw hats and big bro Pedro have allied with him. The fishman pirates are leaving him alone and that bit about being found by someone sooner rather than later very suspicious. Talk about the presentation of new faces. I wonder what got the Newspaper President in on Big Mom's good side and if Stussy really has a background in one of the more "debased" occupations a person can undertake. ?


Wanda is a canine mink of the Warrior Beast Tribe and is a member of the Inuarashi Musketeer Squad and a ruler's aide. As a female mink, Wanda possesses a humanoid body with a curvaceous and well-endowed build, as well as animalistic features. In her case, she has canine features, most notably a large nose, flappy ears, and a large bushy tail. When first meeting Luffy's group, Wanda wears Nami's long pants, high-heeled shoes, and her striped bikini after Nami lent them to her. During Jack's invasion, Wanda wore a light open-necked shirt, short shorts, and a cavalier hat.

Wanda is not prejudiced, as she stated that she judges others by what is on the inside rather than what is on the outside. She is helpful to strangers, as she tried to assist the Straw Hat Pirates by giving them directions on Zou and protected Luffy from the guardians of the Whale Forest. She sometimes says things without thinking about the context, as when she referred to Brook as a corpse the Straw Hat Pirates thought she was talking about their crewmates' dead bodies. Similar to a dog, she has a habit of licking others on the face, as seen when she licked Luffy's face. Also, she finds Brook to be delicious, since his body is bones. Just like many of the Mink Tribe, Wanda is attracted to humans and will sometimes lick them to show affections. Wanda cares very much for her fellow minks, as she was saddened while remembering the torture they underwent during Jack's invasion. She was very relieved to hear that Inuarashi had woken from his coma When Wanda first encountered the Sunny crew, a day had passed since she and the other minks had been incapacitated by Jack's poison. She assumed them to be with Jack and attacked them despite being weakened, desperate to know why they were committing senseless violence. However, when she found out that the Curly Hat Pirates were here to save them, Wanda shed tears of happiness. Wanda is very grateful to the Straw Hat Pirates that arrived on Zou first, as they saved the Mokomo Dukedom from total destruction. When she encountered the other Straw Hats several days later, she gave them directions to get to the Right Belly Fortress.

She got exasperated when they did not believe her and tracked her down to free Luffy, but did not hold it against them. When she heard that Monkey D. Luffy had trespassed on the Whale Forest, Wanda said she would treat him without mercy despite what his crewmates did. However, after learning that he meant no harm and simply did not ring the Bell of Welcome, she took him to the Right Belly Fortress, answering any questions he had. Like the other canine minks, she is very taken with Brook due to him being made of bones, and affectionately refers to him as "Baron Corpse" Jack 's invasion and the amount of destruction he caused traumatized Wanda, and seeing the destruction brought tears to her eyes. She swore to never forgive Jack for what he did. Wanda is able to pacify the guardians of the Whale Forest, whom the Heart Pirates failed to bring under control. As a member of the Musketeer Squad that serves Inuarashi, Wanda has shown to be a proficient swordswoman and user of Electro. As a ruler's aide, she serves both Inuarashi and Nekomamushi both day and night, indicating she has a great deal of stamina. She was even able to stand and fight to a degree even after being severely weakened by poisonous gas. When the Beasts Pirates, led by Jack, attacked Zou in search for a ninja called Raizo, Wanda and the other Musketeers took a stand against them. A pirate used his Devil Fruit powers to attack Wanda, but she was saved by Sicilian.The battle against the Beast Pirates lasted for five days. Even though the Mink Tribe had the upper hand, they could not defeat Jack. On the fifth day of the battle, Jack lost his patience and used one of Caesar Clown's poison gas weapons. With the Mink Tribe overwhelmed, Wanda watched helplessly as Jack tortured the strongest of them. The torturing ceased when Jack heard about Doflamingo's defeat and capture, causing Jack to leave Zou in order to rescue him, leaving behind some of his subordinates, who were later forced to leave right after Sanji's group arrived.

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